Postgraduate LaTeX course, 2012 - 13

MAS 6100

The course will use TeXworks, installed on the CiCS Managed windows system.

You can get TeXworks for yourself from the link above.

If you are using windows, the main alternative to TeXworks is WinEdt. Whereas TeXworks has a minimal interface, WinEdt provides many menus for LaTeX commands.

Remember that WinEdt is an editor (or front-end). Before installing WinEdt, you must install MiKTeX (or TeXLive).

For Macs, I believe most people use

(TeXShop was the base from which TeXworks started.)

Most modern Linux distributions will have TeX Live in their repositories. (If you happen to see tetex, do not use it --- until a few years ago tetex was an excellent implementation, but it is now superseded.)

What do I use? For many years now I have written all my LaTeX in emacs under Linux. In the past I have used WinEdt as a sideline. I started using TeX in the mid-late 1980s and transferred to LaTeX soon after it appeared.
October 24, 2012